Fitness Testimonials


Trainer went above and beyond my expectations. I only wanted to lose weight but she also corrected my muscle imbalances, poor posture and treated my bad knees. I have gain so much strength for a woman of my age which is a bonus!

Shu Ling

Regine was professional and dedicated to help me achieve my goals and keeping me in check. She helped me increase awareness of my own body and work on problems iI had with my posture. I definitely had a lot to take away from the 10 sessions. Highly recommended!


Trainer is focused on helping me achieve my goals and make every session challenging. I lost 10.6kg and 8 inches off my waist in just 16 sessions. Although her sessions are really tough, I really enjoyed it so much and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness. 


Her trainings are a killer and I am impressed by her knowledge in regards to the human anatomy and mechanical aspect of working out.  She makes sure you understand the reasons behind every exercise to ensure you learn something out of it instead of just following along. I can confidently say that I have gained so much knowledge from her, both in fitness and nutrition. 


Regine is one of the most caring, thoughtful person I've ever met. She went the extra mile and send me helpful articles, checking on me from time to time about my diet, life and work. I must say her fitness workouts are really tough but she is really good at motivating and pushing people through. She did not improve me physically, but mentally as well. I have changed so much as a person thanks to her. 

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