• ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    ISSA Strength and Conditioning

    Certified in Myofascial Sports Massage

    Diploma in Media and Communication

    Degree in Professional Communication

  • Singapore Basketball League Ambassador 2016

    2nd NABBA Grand Prix Bikini Junior 2017


My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

Like most girls, I strongly believed in “the skinnier the better”. I started my fitness journey by attending many gym classes, doing tons of cardio and eating really little. I went from 52kg to 46kg and even then, I thought I could be even lighter. I was obsessed by the thought of seeing the numbers on the scale drop. It was pretty much self-destructive and I suffered emotionally as a result.

When I was 15, I went through a tough phase in life that got me into weight training with the intention of getting stronger physically to cover my emotional weakness. I never looked back since then. My passion grew stronger and I started to explore into the fields of strength, conditioning and nutrition. 

Here I am now, guiding and inspiring over 50 people with their fitness journey as of 2016,  improving their self-worth and body image. It is a rewarding path.

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